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  • 12.6V 15A charger for 3S lithium ion battery pack with Anderson connector

    Battery Charger

    This charger is used to provide 189W power to Li-ion battery pack 11.1V 64Ah, with 50A Anderson connector.

    We could provide various chargers for lithium battery and LiFePO4 battery.



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    12.6V 15A charger for 3S lithium ion battery pack with Anderson connector

    Product electric performance

    1. Input Voltage:
    Nominal Voltage:220Vac
    Variation Range:200-240Vac
    2. Input Frequency:
    Nominal Frequency:50/60Hz
    Variation Frequency:47-63Hz
    3。 Max Input Current:
    2.5Arms max At any input voltage and rated, DC output rated load.
    4。 Inrush Current:
    50Amps Max. Cold start at 220Vac input, with rated load and 25℃ambient.

    1. Power Output:

    Voltage: 12.6V

    Charging Current: 15A

    Turn Lamp Current: 2。25A

    Output Power: 189W

    2. Combined Load/Line Regulation:

    Voltage: 12。6V

    Max.Charge Voltage: 12.6V

    Line Regulation: ±0。2V

    Load Regulation:?±5%

    3. Efficiency:

    82%Min.At 220Vac input and output Max. Load.

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